What the New Year Brings

A New Year is for
New goals
New resolutions
New magic
New spells
New charms
New rites

A New Year is for
Fresh starts
Manifestation of dreams
Crafting the life you want to live

What will the New Year bring for you?


The Magic of Rainbow Stones

rainbow stonesThe way the light plays on their surface, revealing another hue, another shade…to me, this speaks volumes of magic and mystery.

When I talk of rainbow stones I mean stones that possess a wide variety of colour.  Their colourings can be subtle, like the lustre on moonstone, or they can appear almost decadent, like the sparkly, richly coloured peacock ore.

I like to keep rainbow stones where I can see them.  I find that they serve as the perfect reminder of the beauty that can be found in everything.  When we can accept that there is beauty all around us, no matter what is going on in that moment, we are choosing to live with grace.  It’s not easy, but it is certainly worth trying for.  Why?  Because grace is not only it’s own blessing but it is one of the purest ways of manifesting an infinite number of blessings in our life, if we can master it.

Magical Uses of Rainbow Stones

  • blessings
  • manifestation
  • gifts
  • rewards
  • abundance
  • inspiration
  • revelation
  • grace
  • fulfilment of promises
  • infinite possibilities

Examples of rainbow stones include the following:

  • peacock ore
  • silicon carbide*
  • rainbow moonstone
  • labradorite
  • rainbow quartz

* although silicon carbide is usually man-made, it can be found naturally occuring as the extremely rare mineral, moissanite.

New Free Course Now Available – The Power of Words Oracle

The Power of Words Oracle CoverBack at the beginning of September, I mentioned that I had been busy working on a number of new things for this site.  (To read the post, The Hermitess Within, click the link).

Well, the first of these is complete…

It’s a new course that focuses on an easy method of designing your own oracle deck.  It’s called, The Power of Words.

If you think this might be of any interest to you, follow the link below to be taken directly to it’s course page:

The Power of Words Oracle: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your Own Oracle Card Deck

The Tarot as a Tool for Personal Understanding

Sometimes it can be extremely useful to take a look at ourselves to see how we are in this particular moment.  This can aid us in understanding who we are right now and where we are going, but it can also be used to determine what, if any, changes we wish to make in our life.  The following card spread looks at the four aspects of who we are…

Card spread four aspects of youYou Physically

Some of the areas associated with this aspect include:

  • health
  • wealth
  • career
  • security

You Mentally

Some of the areas associated with this aspect include:

  • intellect
  • thoughts
  • power of expression
  • communications

You Spiritually

Some of the areas associated with this aspect include:

  • inspiration
  • energy
  • transformation

You Emotionally

Some of the areas associated with this aspect include:

  • your emotions
  • feelings
  • relationships
  • creativity

A Witch’s Craft: All-Seeing Eye Felt Tarot Card Bag

eye felt tarot bagMaking a tarot bag out of felt is quick and easy, and yet the results can be quite striking in their simplicity…

You will need:

  • Felt, in purple, black and white
  • thread, in black and white
  • PVA glue, optional


  1. Cut two pieces of felt to approx 11.5cm x 15cm – or to the size you require.  A rough estimate can be found by measuring the cards you are wanting to store in your felt bag and adding 2-3cm all around it, depending on the dimensions of your deck.  Check to see if this large enough by placing your deck between the two pieces and seeing if the edges will easily come together.  If not, you will need to make it bigger.
  2. felt eye 1Out of the white felt, cut out an eye shape, a few centimetres smaller than the width of your bag.  Use the black felt to create the detail.
  3. Either glue or stitch using the black thread the black felt on to the white.
  4. Affix the eye to one of the purple pieces of felt.felt eye
  5. Using the white thread, sew the two pieces of purple felt together around the two side edges and across the bottom, leaving approximately 0.5 – 1cm between the stitches and the edge.

If you want your bag to close, sew a button on the inside of the back piece of felt.  Then carefully cut a slit in the same place on the front piece.